Good Nomz finds restaurants where critics and customers agree: "This meal is a sure-fire win."

So how does Good Nomz find these restaurants?

Critic Consensus

The hunt starts by aggregating the critic consensus. For each city, Good Nomz scrapes the web for "Best Of" lists in that city. Restaurants that appear in more than 30 percent of the "Best Of" list make the Restaurant Ranking. Everything else is ignored.

Customer Reviews

With a list of critically-acclaimed restaurants in hand, Good Nomz moves to customer reviews. That means Yelp ratings. These customer ratings help us understand which restaurants live up to expectations in the customers' eyes.

Final Score

Finally, Good Nomz weights the customer and critic sentiment on each restaurant to arrive at a final score. Customer Yelp ratings account for 70 percent of the score; critic consensus accounts for 30 precent. In other words, critics decide the list, customers decide the score. The end results is that customers and critics agree on top-ranked restaurants: "These are good nomz."